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For Advice & Support On Solar Refrigeration, Solar Freezers, and Solar Air Conditioning.

Are you investigating solar powered, off-grid refrigeration, air conditioning, or freezers? Meet Jeff Stone as he explains some of the reasons his marine-grade solar refrigeration is safer, more reliable, and less expensive than propane systems.  Solar is ideal for living off-grid in Hawaii.

Here Jeff shows you his system, running fans, air conditioning, lights, a freezer and a refrigerator; all off his 8 solar panels on his shop roof:

Here's an overview of Jeff's solar system, powering frige, freezer, air conditioning, fans, and lights.
In the shop, Jeff shows components and trouble-shooting basics:  We support solar cooling for off-grid homes & businesses & boats in Hawaii, and can help you get your system working correctly.

Get the benefit of our 30 years experience in alternative energy refrigeration and air conditioning including design, consulting, manufacture, sales, installation, training and service.

We use hermetically sealed D/C compressors with evaporators, belt driven DC motors with cold-holdover plates, compressors driven by primary engines, belt or direct coupled as well as air, water, air/water cooled condensers, and water recycling systems for condensing medium.


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